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Welcome to my Bio;

I proudly have a previous successful career as an Electrical Engineer in the Paper Industry – 18 years from Electrical Apprentice to Electrical and Instrumentation Plant Engineer

Wanting life change, I started Sterling Service in 2006, having no idea where it was going to end up, but find myself today loving my business and our industry

I currently operate 4x S Class and 2x V Class of my own, with a great team of Drivers. We look after a perfect mix of Private, Corporate, High Profile, HNW, VIP, and VVIP clients.

From a straight A to B transfer, to a multi-week residential service, to national tours, to a fully managed Limo desk (20 VIP Cars) for Corporate Conferences or Entertainment Events including talent.

Complementing our Car Service, we are trusted with all sorts of client arrangements in more of a Concierge role, leading us to forge further relationships with resources I couldn’t even dream existed in my previous life.

I am super proud of our reputation and client base, and always love who’s arrangements we get trusted with.
As well as our own in house resources, we work among carefully selected peers, representing each other with the utmost professionalism, trust and discretion.

This is where the GoPC seamlessly comes in and now plays an invaluable part in my life and business. Being recognised for the standard I set myself and networking with colleagues, now friends, who have been assessed to meet those same standards is poetry. By its own process, The Guild Of Professional Chauffeurs sets the bar for my Networking.

Being asked to serve on the GoPC Exec Committee is a compliment I value tremendously. To then also be trusted as a Director of GoPC moves this to another level for me. To work with the very best in our industry, to make new relationships, and to serve those new friends is an honour