Criteria & Costs

The membership criteria consists of various elements, designed to test an individuals' knowledge and suitability. All aspects of a chauffeur's skill set are checked upon, including dress and deportment, communication, car preparation and presentation, driving style, defensive safe driving, and how an individual deals with various incidents and dilemmas. Much of the assessment process to gain membership is practical but there is also a written, multi-choice examination covering the Highway Code, a written route planning exercise, and a requirement for a basic first aid qualification, (please read the notes on first aid certification here).

The GoPC’s assessment is undertaken by properly trained assessors with considerable relevant experience. Any prospective member failing to reach the required standard in any part of the process is advised accordingly, and given the opportunity to retake the assessment at a later date, and, if necessary, to seek the relevant training (with a provider of their choice) before returning if they wish.

Successful completion of the assessment criteria results in full membership. The GoPC will then supply you with digital assets such as logo and certificate so that you can promote yourself as an approved GoPC member. This allows you to publicise your membership on all your PR materials such as website, emails and letterheads. You’ll also earn the right to wear the coveted Guild of Professional Chauffeurs lapel pin.

Telling your potential clients or employers about your GoPC membership will give them confidence that your services and skills are of an exceptionally high standard. Successfully completing the GoPC assessment will ensure your soft skills and driving standards remain at a high level and will keep you and your clients safe, as well as proving a huge asset to those who take their continuing professional development seriously. It’s the difference between calling yourself a ‘professional chauffeur’ and actually proving yourself to be exactly that.

In addition, as the organisation grows and shows its worth, we will constantly be seeking industry service providers and product suppliers who are keen to partner with the GoPC, resulting in additional benefits for our members. Indeed, we already know that some specialist insurance providers are offering preferential rates to members, (this is purely at the discretion of providers and on an individual basis).

There is an overall fee of £250.00 for taking the assessment and subsequent membership of the Guild for one year.

If unsuccessful on your initial assessment, you will be offered a free reassessment within a timeframe dependent on availability. Please note that the £250.00 assessment/membership fee is not refundable if the candidate is unsuccessful and chooses not to take advantage of the free reassessment.

To ensure standards remain high, we are only allowing two attempts at the assessment process per year and in the event of you being unsuccessful after two assessments, you will not be able to reapply for at least twelve months. Your original £250.00 joining fee will not be refunded and if you wish to reapply after a year, you will again be required to pay the full assessment/membership fee.

We must make the point that the way the assessment is structured, coupled with very detailed feedback, means we are confident the vast majority of candidates will be successful on their second attempt if they don't get through first time. This will of course depend to a great extent on how much effort candidates make to prepare for the assessment.

The annual membership will then commence on the date the assessment is passed. Thereafter, the annual renewal fee will be £50.00

On each three year anniversary, members will be invited to retake the assessment to remain current and there will be no cost to this. Passing the reassessment is a condition of ongoing membership.

Thorough records will be kept of all transactions and a register of members will be added to this website as soon as candidates begin passing the assessment process.

Once successful, new members will be made aware of the rules governing the use of the GoPC logo and will be asked to sign a code of conduct relating to membership.

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