Why Join The Guild?

The GoPC are in the process of accrediting our assessment process so that it can offer a workplace qualification.

The Guilds aim is to improve chauffeur standards. We know that there are no formal chauffeur qualifications out there at present.

We know that our name and reputation as a quality marque is starting to be recognised by others, such as clients and event organisers that require professional, soon to be accredited chauffeur services.

Telling your clients about your GoPC membership will give them confidence that your services and skills are of an exceptionally high standard. Successfully completing the GoPC assessment will ensure your soft skills and driving standards remain at a high level and will keep you and your clients safe, as well as proving a huge asset to those who take their continuing professional development seriously. Please contact any member on the members' page and ask about the pride they all have in receiving and wearing the GoPC badge. It’s palpable !

On successful completion of the assessment process, you will be provided with a GoPC digital pack so that you can advertise your association to the GoPC.

In addition, as the organisation grows and shows its worth, we are now being contacted by industry service providers and product suppliers who are keen to partner with the GoPC, resulting in additional member benefits.

Insurance companies are starting to recognise that we are a good insurance risk, and work is ongoing to provide full guild members with a quality all-inclusive insurance product, should they wish to take it.

The GoPC offers a credible way for you to add skills to your CV and to grow your business. As we continue to grow, we recognise that a barrier to joining the GoPC is fear of the practical driving assessment. The Guild needs to have a benchmark to measure your chauffeur skills. We need this assessment process, or our credibility diminishes rapidly if you can just buy a membership. How is that promoting and raising standards ?

The major benefit of membership is the assurance it gives a potential customer that a member does have every right to call themselves a professional chauffeur. Membership of The Guild generates enormous pride, camaraderie, as well as exciting new business opportunities.

As a licensed operator, you may have cause to place a job in another part of the country. Check our members' directory to see which GoPC members work in that area. You can be safe in the knowledge knowing that they have been quality checked to GoPC exacting standards. It’s a reassuring way to conduct UK wide business for your clients.

The Guild is run by chauffeurs for chauffeurs. A lot of work is being done to raise industry awareness so that we are recognised as Chauffeur professionals providing exceptional chauffeur services.

Please contact us where we will be delighted to answer any queries?