So Why Join The Guild?

You probably already know that unlike almost every other driving profession there’s no formal training or certification required to give yourself that grandiose title of ‘professional chauffeur’. The level of skill held in the chauffeuring profession varies dramatically from those who possess little more than a basic driving licence through to individuals who have gone to great lengths to invest in additional training in advanced driving and/or chauffeur skills. For others its experience they consider to be a vital ingredient and there are many chauffeurs out there with years of successful service in the industry under their belts who are still forced to compete with poor quality operators and unrealistic pricing.

But beyond having a loyal clientele, there’s never been any way to get those skills or that experience formally recognised in a way that helps you and your business stand out as being exceptional, but now there is! Equally, the GoPC provides a credible ‘way in’ for those looking to join our industry, who want the opportunity to add to their CV the necessary skills and knowledge to gain employment or look at starting their own chauffeur business.

The major benefit of membership is the assurance it gives a potential customer or employer that a member does indeed have every right to call themselves a ‘professional chauffeur’. They’ve successfully completed a challenging assessment process which has tested the full range of skills and competences expected of someone calling themselves such. Membership first and foremost generates enormous pride, camaraderie and sense of achievement but it also allows individual chauffeurs to promote themselves via our register of members as well as earning the right to use the GoPC logo, thus displaying membership of a professional body.

It’s become clear that individuals have a variety of reasons for wishing to be part of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs, from wanting to refresh their own skills and learn new ones through to using our membership process to ‘quality check’ those they employ.

It’s important for us to say that the GoPC is an organisation formed and run purely by volunteers-chauffeurs and service providers just like you, individuals who are passionate about our profession. There’s nothing sinister going on here, it’s very simply a group of of like-minded people who decided the only way to improve the chauffeur’s lot was to be proactive and try to change our industry for the better ourselves.

The Guild is for the good guys, those of us who still believe there’s something rather special and even a tiny bit noble about being able to say ‘I’m a chauffeur’. Let’s get that pride back again.

Explore the full assessment process, as well as costs and criteria.