Our Mission

The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs has been created in direct response to what many see as an ongoing decline in industry standards. The idea was to form an organisation which appeals to those chauffeurs who have a desire to resurrect and subsequently uphold the industry's proud heritage and to re-establish chauffeuring's reputation as a respected profession. The GoPC will exist to provide a platform for these individuals to invest in themselves and be rewarded for doing so by gaining recognition for their professional ability and thus stand apart from the mainstream.

The main goal of the GoPC is to establish itself as the benchmark for professional standards and to become the marque of quality-recognisable to those wishing to enter, or already working within the industry, the customer, licensing authorities, and the media.

Forming such a far-reaching organisation was never going to be a straightforward or quick process but since an initial idea in October 2016, a small group of volunteers made up of both chauffeurs and industry service providers have worked tirelessly to ensure the GoPC eventually became a reality. After initial consultation with the industry through social and trade media, an executive committee consisting of a wealth of industry expertise and experience was formed to take the GoPC forward. The result is a not-for-profit organisation which will be wholly transparent and no individual will gain financially from it. We exist for the good of our profession.

From the outset we felt it necessary to make joining the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs something that individuals could and would aspire to and membership would not be granted simply by completing an application form and paying a fee. Indeed, with the main aim of the organisation being to vastly improve standards, considerable thought has gone into the assessment process which we felt needed to be challenging yet attainable for anyone prepared to display a degree of preparation, effort and who has an appreciation of the core competences required by a professional chauffeur.

It is important to the GoPC committee that all candidates, irrespective of experience or existing qualifications, start out on a level playing field with equal opportunity to gain membership and that's why we decided upon our own assessment process rather than asking potential members to provide certification in advanced driving or proof of attendance on a chauffeur training course.

The membership criteria will consist of various elements, designed to test an individuals' knowledge and suitability. All aspects of a chauffeur's skill set will be checked upon, including dress and deportment, communication, car preparation and presentation, driving style, defensive safe driving, and how an individual deals with various incidents and dilemmas. Much of the assessment will be practical but there will also be a written examination and a requirement to have attended a suitable first aid course beforehand, with valid certification.

The assessment will be undertaken by properly trained assessors with considerable chauffeur experience. Any prospective member failing to reach the required standard in any part of the process will be advised accordingly, and given the opportunity to retake the assessment at a later date, and if necessary to seek the necessary training (with a provider of their choice) before returning if they wish.

Successful completion of the assessment criteria will result in full membership, which will allow them to use the coveted GoPC logo on business materials, the wearing of the GoPC lapel badge, and to be part of a very exclusive club representing the very best of our profession. In addition, the committee has already partnered with various industry service providers and product suppliers, who are very keen to form a relationship with the GoPC - this will result in preferential rates on goods and services for members.

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