Our Mission

The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs has been created in direct response to what many see as an ongoing decline in industry standards. The idea was to form an organisation which appeals to those chauffeurs who have a desire to maintain, improve and uphold chauffeur standards. The GoPC exists to provide a platform for individuals to invest in themselves and be rewarded for doing so by gaining recognition for their professional ability and thus stand apart from the mainstream crowd.

The main goal of the GoPC is to establish itself as the benchmark for professional standards and to become the marque of quality, recognisable to those wishing to enter, or already working within the industry.

Our aim is to make joining the GoPC something that individuals could and would aspire to and membership would not be granted simply by completing an application form and paying a fee. The aim of the GoPC is to improve chauffeur standards. Considerable thought has gone into the assessment process which is challenging yet attainable for anyone prepared to display a degree of preparation, effort and who has an appreciation of the core competencies required by a professional chauffeur.

All candidates, irrespective of experience or existing qualifications, are welcome to join the GoPC. You will have an equal opportunity to gain membership in a growing forward-thinking organisation. The assessment process is fair, challenging and rewarding. It has been designed by industry experts.

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Provisional membership applications now being accepted.