Guild Membership

The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs is the industry's first ever body created to genuinely support and promote those wishing to be considered the best their profession has to offer. Never before has an organisation existed to provide a benchmark of professional standards within the industry with chauffeurs finally being able to provide evidence of having successfully passed a stringent assessment process to gain membership to such an exclusive club.

So what are the advantages for:

The Chauffeur?

The Guild finally provides a platform for those chauffeurs who want both their personal and professional qualities to stand out from the mainstream and for their skills to be properly recognised. As well as financial benefits such as preferential rates on products and services, membership displays a positive and professional attitude to chauffeuring and the traditional 'in-service' values associated with such a trusted and honourable role.

At a time when the chauffeur industry has fallen victim to a huge influx of poor quality drivers cheapening a once proud profession, being a member of the Guild significantly strengthens the reputation of those who will have every right to call themselves a 'professional chauffeur'.

Potential clients and employers?

Professional qualifications in advanced driving, chauffeur etiquette and security chauffeuring already exist but up until this point there has been no organisation to independently verify and test a chauffeur's level of skill and competence, whether they already hold the aforementioned formal qualifications or not. The Guild's assessment process not only checks the practical skill sets of potential members but goes much further by assessing a candidates' more personal attributes such as appearance, deportment and customer-facing skills.

Membership of the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs provides comfort to potential clients and employers that an individual has excelled in a challenging assessment process as a result of investing in themselves, their career or their business.

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Provisional membership applications now being accepted.