Own Car Not Required For Chauffeur Assessments

The Guild wants everyone to have the opportunity to go through our assessment process and hopefully be successful in gaining membership. One question we’ve been asked numerous times is whether there’s a way for those individuals without their own chauffeur car to be assessed.

We’re delighted to say yes, thanks to the generosity of Parkers European, the company who operate VIP chauffeur services on behalf of Audi UK and other prestige brands.

Those without their own chauffeur car will be able to use one of Parkers fleet of highly-spec’d A8L’s, giving even those just coming into the industry an equal chance of passing the assessment, becoming a member and gaining vital experience and knowledge from the process (subject to age and licence conditions).

In addition, Parkers European are displaying their commitment to the Guild’s strict assessment process by wanting to hear from anyone successfully gaining membership who is interested in joining their chauffeuring team.

Parkers European have been incredibly supportive since the Guild’s conception and we are very grateful for their ongoing assistance.