The GoPC releases ‘A Suggestion of Best Practices’ document for working in the Coronavirus crisis.

In support of the professional chauffeuring industry, the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs releases its document ‘A suggestion of best practice – providing a chauffeur service during the Coronavirus pandemic – May 2020’.  The document aims to help promote chauffeur services, and to reassure clients and the general public to start using our services once again.

The GoPC has compiled and organised all the information currently available from Government and subject matter experts. The conclusion of the document is that travel via a professionally chauffeur driven car offers the lowest risk of any other form of commercial travel services. Please feel free to use this document to reassure your clients, your team, your colleagues, whoever is unclear about the multitude of current guidelines and information that is in circulation. Revised versions will be released when new information and/or guidelines become available, but for now, the GoPC hopes this document will be of help to you and your business during this crisis.

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